What is a portable app?

Before going to define Portable apps we must describe the both term Portable and apps as below.

portable -Literally means of Portable is to carried or moved with ease
app – it is simply a computer program just like a web browser or Microsoft word.

Portable App Definition

What does it mean for software to be portable?

portable Program/application (portable app) is a software product developed to be easily carriedout from one PC to another. these Portables apps are not the special designed apps but, these includes Portable Versions of regular application programs – like Browser, for example – as well as these specialized programmed to enhanced the mobile computing.

it is a computer program that can easily operate from Portable devices like USB sticks or from the cloud drive to use it on the computer system. once you stored Portable app on your USB flash drive, portable hard drive, iPod and then plugged it with PC. this seems like as you would use your personal data on your PC. once you plugged out your device, none of the personal information or foot-print left behind.

What is a portable version?

Portable install refers to the situation in which you can copy the specific folder which contains the Portable app, to a external portable storage device (like a USB flash drive or HDD), and then let you to run the application from one PC to another without installing it.

What Is a “Portable” App, and Why Does It Matter? – HowToGeek

Portable apps as such importance because these apps have the definite and competitive edge over traditional software. one can easily use it on the PC without any installation. these are very tinny in size and allow its user to move over PC to other PC without interrupting its settings.what is portable apps

No Special Hardware –  there will be no need of any sort of special Hardware device to use it. just Use any USB flash drive, portable hard drive, etc

No Additional Software – Once you have downloaded, run the portable installer and go


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