Resolume Avenue 7.18.0 rev 29174 Portable [Latest Version]

Download FFmpeg Batch Converter Portable free from It is full offline installer setup and compatible with 32 and 64 bit.

Resolume Avenue Portable

Resolume Avenue is a powerful VJ (Video Jockey) software designed for VJs, AV performers, and video artists. It provides a versatile platform for live visuals, enabling users to manipulate media and effects in real-time.

Resolume Avenue Portable

Resolume Avenue Portable features:

Here’s a more detailed overview of its key features and enhancements:

  1. Screen Warping & Video Mapping in Arena: Resolume Avenue offers an advanced output window that allows you to create and position multiple slices from your composition. These slices can be transformed and warped to fit various surfaces, making it ideal for projection mapping on non-rectangular or curved screens. The advanced bezier transformations enable precise adjustments for stunning visual effects. You can also download JRiver Media Center
  2. Generative Content: Resolume supports interactive Quartz Composition and Flash animations, including AS2 and AS3 scripting. It allows you to display text input from Resolume and provides parameters for fine-tuning animations during live performances. For those with coding skills, you can even create your own generative content using openGL by compiling FFGL source plugins.
  3. Auto Start for Layers: You can configure each layer to automatically start the first clip when the composition loads. This feature is particularly useful for installations where clips need to play automatically, especially in conjunction with the Auto Pilot function.
  4. Ignore Column Trigger: Prevents clips from being triggered when column triggers are used, giving you greater control over clip triggering.
  5. Scale to Fit: The clip’s “Scale to Fit” button cycles through four modes, taking into account aspect ratio and sizing options, making it easier to adapt content to different resolutions and screen sizes.
  6. Recent Compositions Menu: Quickly access your previously opened compositions from the Recent Compositions menu.
  7. DXV Codec 2.2: The updated DXV Codec speeds up file compression by utilizing multiple processors, improving the overall performance and efficiency of the software.
  8. Invert Checkbox: Allows you to invert mapped controls for mouse interactions, enhancing the versatility of control inputs.
  9. Type Ahead Selection: Enhances the browsing experience with type-ahead selection in the File, Effect, and Composition browser.
  10. Position and Windowed Output: Resolume remembers the position of windowed output, and you can adjust it using arrow keys. There’s also a “Show Display Info” option for identifying different displays.
  11. Global Clip Start Offset: This feature compensates for clip trigger latency via MIDI or OSC, ensuring your visuals are perfectly synchronized with your performance.
  12. Tailored MIDI Support: Resolume offers customized MIDI support for the Akai APC Midi controller, streamlining your control options.
  13. Invert Option for Masks: Invert masks to achieve unique visual effects and blend layers seamlessly.
  14. Value Editor Popup: A value editor popup simplifies parameter adjustments, providing greater precision and control.
  15. Ease In-Out: Apply ease-in and ease-out transitions to all parameters for smoother animations and transitions.
  16. Efficient Workflow Enhancements: Various enhancements like the ability to drop effects directly on a layer thumbnail, drag-and-drop file replacement in the clip properties panel, and memory of property panel sizes and layout.
  17. Reduction in Composition File Size: Smaller composition files result in faster loading times for decks.
  18. Effect Presets: Store effect presets in separate files, making it easier to import and share user presets.
  19. Improved Recording Performance: Enjoy improved performance while recording your live visuals.
  20. Enhanced Compatibility: Benefit from faster OSC input, better support for FFGL Syphon, quicker thumbnailing, and audio clip analysis, and fixes for ArtNet DMX and odd-sized file rendering.

Resolume Avenue empowers VJs, AV performers, and video artists with a comprehensive set of tools to create stunning live visuals and adapt to various creative needs. Its range of features and enhancements make it a top choice for those in the field of live visual performances.

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Updated: March 17, 2024 — 9:24 am

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