R-Wipe & Clean 20.0.2429 Portable [Latest Version]

R-Wipe & Clean is a comprehensive and versatile solution that empowers you to maintain your computer’s privacy and optimize its performance by securely erasing unnecessary files. This software goes beyond mere file deletion and ensures the irrevocable removal of private records associated with both your online and offline activities.

It effectively eliminates a wide range of digital footprints, including temporary internet files, browsing history, cookies, autocomplete forms and passwords, swap files, recently opened document lists, Explorer MRUs, and temporary files. Moreover, R-Wipe & Clean doesn’t stop at cleaning your browser history but extends its capabilities to remove traces from over 300 third-party applications, freeing up valuable disk space.

R-Wipe & Clean Portable

R-Wipe & Clean Portable Key Features

  • Verify and Select: Before permanently wiping data, R-Wipe & Clean allows you to review and select the information to ensure that you don’t unintentionally erase vital data.
  • Thorough Internet Cleanup: The software wipes and deletes not only your temporary internet files but also cookies (excluding those you choose to keep), Flash cookies, autocomplete forms, and passwords, ensuring that your online activities remain private.
  • Browser History and More: R-Wipe & Clean effectively cleans up browsing history, the list of recently opened documents, Windows clipboard content, and temporary files generated by both the operating system and other applications.
  • System Registry Cleanup: It also cleans up system Registry traces, removing evidence of your system activities such as run lists, search results, mapped network drives, attached peripheral devices, last opened Registry keys, and more.
  • Application-Specific Cleanup: R-Wipe & Clean leaves no stone unturned by cleaning up activity traces from a multitude of applications, including Microsoft Office, standard Windows applications, and numerous popular third-party programs. The utility can automatically detect installed applications.
  • Customized Wipe Lists: For applications that R-Wipe & Clean doesn’t directly support, you can create customized wipe lists. These lists can include specific application working and temporary folders, files, and registry keys to thoroughly remove any trace of activity.
  • Windows Swap Files: The software wipes Windows swap files, ensuring that sensitive information isn’t inadvertently stored in these files.
  • Invalid Desktop Shortcuts: R-Wipe & Clean targets and removes invalid desktop shortcuts, enhancing system cleanliness and performance.
  • Windows Event Logs: It takes care of cleaning Windows event logs and built-in Firewall logs, further preserving your privacy.
  • Cleanup of Recent Network Folders: Network folders’ links that you no longer need are wiped, enhancing system organization.
  • Removal of Auxiliary Temporary Files: This includes the cleanup of setup temporary and log files, memory dump files, and old Check Disk files that may clutter your system.

R-Wipe & Clean is an invaluable tool for maintaining your computer’s performance and safeguarding your privacy. It offers a comprehensive set of features for erasing digital footprints, ensuring that your online and offline activities remain confidential. With support for a wide array of applications and the ability to create custom wipe lists, the software caters to your specific cleanup needs. Whether you want to free up disk space, improve system performance, or protect your privacy, R-Wipe & Clean is a versatile and efficient solution that delivers results.

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Updated: November 17, 2023 — 10:50 am

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