Project IGI Unlimited Game Free Download Softonic

Project IGI Unlimited Game Free Download Softonic for PC windows.  Softonic Game Project igi is the best fighting game in the category of the fighting game. you enjoy your free time by playing this IGI game.

Project IGI Unlimited game free download Softonic Overview

this is the most interesting game is the series of the igi game from PortableApps. there are many levels in this game. in every level, there is the task which is given to the player in this game. on the completion of the task in first level of the igi 1 game the player unlock the second level of this game.

Project IGI Unlimited Game Free Download Softonic

when the player passes some beginning level of this game then the upcoming level of the igi game 1 is quite tough for the player. there are terrains, the flow of water, different weather condition, the chirping of birds and many other effects add in this game due to which this game is just as real.

there are mixed reviews by the people that it has not enough good programming, there is the lack of the save option in the midgame. there is not the feature of multiplayer gameplay in this game. but the sound and graphics are superb in igi1 game. Get DirectX 12

The characters of igi game free download setup Softonic

Jones: Jones is the agent for IGI. this is control by the player as the main character.

Anya: Anya contact with jones through a radio in the headquarter. at final mission, Anya appears and defuse the bomb.

Jach Priboi: this s the Soviet Arm Dealer.

Joseph Priboi: this is the nephew of jach’s nephew.

EKK: this is the character of a woman which want to destroy Europe by nuclear warfare.

igi 1 game free download setup Softonic

there are multiple games available in this series you can Download:

IGI 1 game free download setup Softonic


IGI 2 free download full version for windows 10

IGI 3 game download for pc Softonic

project IGI 4 pc game setup free download full version

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