5 Portable App Creators To Make Any Software Portable

it seems sometimes you need some Portable software but can’t find it. to solve this problem we here present some Portable App Creator by which you can easily create your own PortableApps with some few clicks.

How does portable app creator work?

Portable app creator creates a Portable app with the help of using application virtualization technology. as you know that Portable app doesn’t need installation to run on the device. you can use it without any installation.Portable App Creator

Portable app creator normally scans the system before and after installation. it examines and makes an analysis of all the changes happens in the system. after this, it converts all the required files, DLLs and other registries that have been installed in pc into the .exe file.

if you are interested in making the portable app then don’t worry you are on right platform now. with the help of the following app, you can create your desired PortableApps.

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5 Portable App Creators To Make Any Software Portable


VMware is a most powerful application virtualization that makes it easier to simplify application migration process. in the presence of this software now user don’t need to purchase other professional app like ThinApp as standalone software which is very expensive. you can easily creat the virtual app by following this step wizard. like  Prescan -> Installation -> Postscan -> Configure -> Build.

For further Details: Free 60-day trial, $605++ (VMware Workspace Portal) to buy

portable app creator


Portable app creator Cameo is a lightweight and robust software. it has equipped with a huge apps library containing over 300 virtual applications. further more it also allows you to store your app on cloud drives so that whenever you want you can access your application.

To Get started with camera you must have an account to login. if you don’t have creat it. this application offers you to download any portable app from its library. in order to make a virtual application, you have two option whether to get application locally or online, both will be easy for you.

Details: Its Free for personal use, Request a quote to buy

Portable app creator cameyo

Spoon Studio

the 3rd one Portable app creator is Spoon Virtual Application Studio which enables you to convert the simple windows application into virtual applications. there are 4 ways by which you can convert the software into the portable app:

  • Template Wizard: if the selected app is not from your PC or it needed to be modified that you can use the template wizard. this wizard contains a huge amount of library of PortableApps.
  • if you want to convert the installed application of your PC into portable, then you will have to scan your desktop for an installed application.
  • in case if the software is not installed on your system, then snapshot process can be used to virtualize third-party app.
  • the last option is suitable for only developers if you want to do all this manually that manually configure virtualization setting.

Details: Free plan available, $19++/month to subscribe

Spoon Studio

Enigma Virtual Box

this is another portable app creator app for widows. this application get together all the application files and registries into the files that any one can execute. For virtualization, you simply include the main executable file as input files.

Details: its Free

Enigma Virtual Box portable app creator


this is an amazing creator which have compatibility with windows and widows server machines. with the help Evalaze, one can easily create the Portable app. first of all scan registry and files before installation of an application. once the process of installatoin done that again scan the system in order to check either change occurs or not.

Details: Free version available, €2142 to buy

Evalaze portable app creator

if you want to stay away from any hassle during creating the portable app using some common software then here we present some portable apps suites that contain numbers of famous software and games. this populer app can help you in managing you downloaded an app.

  1. LiberKey – it has near 300 applications in its library. you can Choose 1 of the 3 suites available: basicstandard, or ultimate, as you want
  2. PortableApps – PortableApps has over 300 applications in its catalog. it also allow you to customize the look of PortableApps platform
  3. winPenPack – You can choose between winPenPack Essential and winPenPack Full.
  4. Lupo PenSuite – over 160 portable programs there are in its library. There are 3 versions available for you: fulllite, and zero.

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