PDF-XChange Editor Plus Portable [Latest Version]

Experience the pinnacle of PDF editing and viewing with PDF-XChange Editor Plus portable, a versatile and feature-rich program designed to elevate your interaction with PDF files. As the smallest, fastest, and most advanced PDF editor/viewer available, PDF-XChange Editor Plus empowers users to seamlessly create, view, edit, annotate, OCR, and digitally sign PDF files with unparalleled efficiency. Here’s a detailed exploration of its standout features:

PDF-XChange Editor Plus Key Features:

  1. Create and Edit Fillable PDF Forms (Plus only):
    • Unlock the capability to create and edit fillable PDF forms, providing a dynamic and interactive user experience. Tailor PDF forms to your specific needs with ease.
  2. Create and Edit Dynamic Stamps (Plus only):
    • Harness the power of dynamic stamps to enhance document annotation and approval processes. Customize and edit dynamic stamps for efficient and personalized document management. You may also interested PDF Shaper Professional
  3. Convert PDF to MSPowerPoint® format:
    • Seamlessly convert PDF files into MSPowerPoint® format, preserving the integrity of the content for dynamic and engaging presentations.
  4. PDF File Optimization:
    • Optimize PDF files by implementing image compression/downsampling and embedding/unembedding fonts. Achieve reduced file sizes without compromising quality.
  5. Advanced PDF Bookmark Creation and Management:
    • Effortlessly create and manage advanced PDF bookmarks for streamlined navigation and organization of large documents.
  6. Direct Content Editing (Paths & Images):
    • Gain unprecedented control over PDF content by directly editing paths and images. Enhance precision and customization in content modifications.
  7. Combine PDFs (Open/Closed PDFs):
    • Merge PDF files seamlessly, whether they are open or closed, providing a convenient solution for document compilation.
  8. Import Directly from XPS and Other Supported Formats:
    • Enjoy enhanced flexibility by importing content directly from XPS and various other supported formats, facilitating a smooth integration process.
  9. Header & Footer Support:
    • Customize documents with header and footer elements, adding professionalism and personalization to your PDF files.
  10. Bates Numbering:
    • Implement Bates numbering for efficient indexing and identification of documents, particularly in legal and business contexts.
  11. Scan Direct to PDF (with Inline OCR option):
    • Streamline the scanning process by scanning directly to PDF, with the added benefit of inline OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for text recognition.
  12. Extended Digital Signature Support:
    • Embrace advanced digital signature support, including time stamps, for enhanced document security and authentication.
  13. Security Profiles:
    • Conveniently add security to documents through customizable security profiles, ensuring a robust protection mechanism.
  14. Browser Plug-ins and Compatibility:
    • Enjoy improved browser plug-ins to reduce compatibility issues, providing a seamless integration experience.
  15. And Much More:
    • PDF-XChange Editor Plus offers a myriad of additional features, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient PDF editing and viewing experience.

In essence, PDF-XChange Editor Plus stands as a testament to innovation in PDF management, offering unmatched capabilities for individuals and professionals alike. Elevate your PDF editing and viewing experience with the smallest, fastest, and most feature-rich solution on the market.

Updated: November 20, 2023 — 5:49 pm

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