How do I make any software portable?

How to create PortableApps

This guide will let you know about How do I make any software portable. This is step by step process by which one can turn any software into the Portable application. before going to the step by step process, here we need to know about what is Portable apps..?how to create portable apps

Basically the Portable apps refers to the software that can be run or user without its installer or in the simple word you can also say that it an app that can be used from your Portable flash drives, portable HDD, cd,

How do I make any software portable?

DVD. Furthermore, this program can be move from one pc to another without any interruption with other software to make the portable apps any software

Below you can find simple step by step process by which you will be able to create portable apps

Step 1: Downloading Programs

In this step you need to download the program which you want to convert into the portable application. Download Universal and Winrar Extrator files which you will need to work with.

In order to complete this process you will need

  • Uniextract
  • Winrar
  • Installation of app that you want to make it portable
  • Usb,dvd,cd,HDD

Step 2: Install Uniextract and Winrar

Once you have download the setup files then you need to install UniExtract. Click to install and then it will ask you to specify the location on your PC to extract the setup files. Open that folder click to on next to install.

Step 3: Uniextract File

Once you have install the UniExtract and WinRAR go ahead to the further steps likehow can make any software portable

  • Go to the Setup files and click on “UinExtract Here”
  • Click on the Folder to open it and then Find .exe file.
  • Once you find the .exe file Run it. and check it if it works or not.
  • Now choose All Files Option and right click and Add to archive

Step 4: Archive Files

now at this stages you have to name the Archive files as you prefer. In the compression, Method choose the Best.  Now make sure to select the “Create SFX archive. Now go to advance and put you desired name of your Portable can make any software portable

now move farward to the “Mode Tab and unpack to a temporary folder and select ok.

At testing stages you have to double click on the setup to check whether it is working or not. If yes then move your app to portable USB and use it on any device like PC, Tablet or laptop.

after reading all of the above mention detail i am sure now you get the answer about How do I make any software portable? if still, you have any query please ask us in the comment section.

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