Hasher v1.7.3 (by IgorWare) [Latest Version]

Download Hasher v1.7.3 (by IgorWare) from theportableapps.com. It is 100% safe and secure and designed to generate a checksum for a single file.

Hasher v1.7.3 (by IgorWare) Overview

Hasher is a versatile hash and checksum generator designed for Windows, offering both 64-bit and 32-bit versions. This portable program requires no installation, providing users with a convenient and efficient tool for calculating SHA-1, MD5, and CRC32 hashes. Related: SimpleSoft Simple Invoice

Key Features:

  1. Multiple Hash/Checksum Calculations:
    • Hasher excels at calculating SHA-1, MD5, and CRC32 hashes, providing users with a comprehensive set of cryptographic checksums for file integrity verification.
  2. File and Text Hashing:
    • Users can generate hashes for both single files and text, offering flexibility in ensuring the integrity of diverse data types.
  3. Verification File Compatibility:
    • Hasher seamlessly works with verification files (.sha, .md5, .sfv) generated by popular file management tools like Total Commander and Free Commander. This compatibility enhances the program’s utility for users already employing these tools in their workflows.
  4. Automatic Verification File Loading:
    • Verification files are automatically loaded by Hasher when detected, streamlining the verification process and ensuring user convenience.
  5. UTF-8 Support:
    • Hasher supports UTF-8 verification files, accommodating users working with diverse character sets and languages.
  6. Case Options:
    • Users have the option to choose between upper-case or lower-case hash values based on their preferences or specific requirements.
  7. Windows Explorer Integration:
    • For non-portable use, Hasher can be integrated into the Windows Explorer context menu, allowing users to generate hashes directly from the file explorer interface.
  8. Unicode Support:
    • Hasher offers Unicode support, recognizing and handling characters from various language scripts.
  9. High DPI Awareness:
    • The program is designed with High DPI Awareness, ensuring optimal display on high-resolution screens for a seamless user experience.
  10. Drag and Drop Functionality:
    • Users can leverage the convenience of file drag and drop for an intuitive and straightforward hashing process.
  11. Progress Monitoring:
    • Hasher features a progress bar that allows users to monitor the hash operation, with additional progress bar integration in the taskbar for enhanced visibility.
  12. Dual Architecture Support:
    • Both 64-bit (x64) and 32-bit (x86) versions of Hasher are available, catering to users with varying system configurations.
  13. Portability:
    • Hasher is portable, requiring no installation. Users can carry and use it on different systems without the need for setup.

Hasher stands out as a reliable and feature-rich tool for users seeking an efficient solution for hash and checksum generation. Its compatibility with popular verification file formats, versatile hashing capabilities, and user-friendly features make it an essential addition to the toolkit of those prioritizing data integrity and security.

Hasher v1.7.3 (6 MB)

Updated: February 10, 2024 — 9:08 am

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