GoodSync Enterprise Portable [Latest Version]

GoodSync Enterprise is a comprehensive and powerful software solution that simplifies the synchronization and backup of two or more folders with files. This versatile application ensures that your folders and all the files within them remain identical by efficiently copying new or updated files from their source folder to their destination, while also propagating file deletions as necessary.

GoodSync Enterprise Portable Key Features:

  1. True Bi-Directional Synchronization: GoodSync excels in automatically detecting and synchronizing various changes such as file creations, deletions, and other modifications made by the user across folders, subfolders, and files. You can also get Iperius Backup
  2. One-Way Synchronization for Backup: Set up one-way synchronization effortlessly to establish a reliable backup solution that safeguards your data.
  3. Deletion Propagation: GoodSync is capable of propagating file deletions through a chain of synchronization operations, ensuring that your folders remain consistent across multiple devices.
  4. Chained Synchronization for Multiple Devices: Changes executed by GoodSync can be effortlessly transferred to other computers and devices. For example, you can synchronize files between non-connected computers A and B by first syncing Computer A to a USB disk, and then syncing the USB disk to Computer B.
  5. Lightning-Fast Speed, Low Memory Requirement: GoodSync stands out with its exceptional speed and efficient memory usage. It can analyze a job containing 1 million files and folders on each side in less than 10 minutes while utilizing just 500 MB of memory.
  6. Versatile Protocol Support: GoodSync is not limited to Windows folders but can also sync with FTP, WebDAV, SFTP, and Amazon S3 servers. It covers various local and network locations, enabling a wide range of synchronization options.
  7. Windows Mobile and Pocket PC Compatibility: The software allows synchronization of files between Windows Mobile Phones or Pocket PC devices (Windows CE) and your desktop, ensuring data consistency across platforms.
  8. Selective File Synchronization with Filters: You can exclude or include files in synchronization based on name patterns, sizes, and modification times, granting you precise control over your data transfers.
  9. 64-Bit Support: GoodSync for Windows offers both 32-bit and 64-bit versions to cater to different system configurations.
  10. Portable Paths for Removable Drives: Specify folder paths starting with volume names, ensuring that your volumes are easily located, regardless of the disk letter they use.
  11. Advanced Sync Algorithm: GoodSync automatically detects file changes by comparing the current status of files to their previously stored status, eliminating the need for OS-based file monitoring.
  12. Embedded Jobs Management: Individual folders and their subfolders can participate in multiple sync jobs, even synchronizing with folders above or below, providing flexibility and customization.
  13. Case Sensitivity: GoodSync recognizes file and folder names as case-sensitive, ensuring that folder/file.txt is not considered the same as folder/file.txt, making it easy to sync with case-sensitive internet servers.
  14. Time Shift Correction: If modification times of files differ by the same whole number of hours, GoodSync can correct the file modification time without the need to copy the entire file.
  15. FTP File Modification Time Sync: Utilizes the MDTM FTP command (where available) to set and retrieve precise file modification times.
  16. File Mod Time Translation for Non-Preserving File Systems: For file systems that don’t preserve file modification times during copy, GoodSync employs a unique time translation technique that gives the appearance of preserved modification times.
  17. Sync Only File Modification Times for Time Shifts: In cases where files are identical but have differing modification times, GoodSync can copy only the modification time, without transferring the file contents.
  18. File Manipulation Options: GoodSync offers encryption using Windows Encrypting File System (EFS), NTFS compression, copy of locked files using Volume Shadow Copy Service, handling of symbolic links, copy of ACL security attributes in NTFS, and bandwidth limit settings for file copying.
  19. Integration of Unix Diff: GoodSync can call the Unix Diff utility to compare text files line by line.
  20. Online Backups with Encrypted Channels: When backing up to Secure FTP or WebDAV + SSL online file systems, all files transferred are encrypted en route for enhanced security.
  21. User-Friendly Interface: GoodSync presents a combined tree view of files and folders from both sides, making visual comparisons between folders and synchronization actions a breeze. It provides a streamlined overview of files and their sync status.
  22. Tree Views for Detailed Synchronization: Files to be synchronized are grouped into various categories (All, Left to Right, Right to Left, New Files, Deleted Files, Excluded, etc.), and tree views allow you to visualize these different groups in the file tree, making it easy to spot differences.
  23. Job List Pane as the Control Panel: The Job List pane displays the status of all synchronization jobs, enabling users to easily manage and monitor their tasks.
  24. Total Bytes and Counts at All Levels: At every level of your folder tree, you’ll see the count of files and bytes to be copied, providing a comprehensive understanding of your synchronization tasks.
  25. Mini Window for Specialized Applications: GoodSync can be pre-programmed by system administrators to perform specific sync jobs and display a minimal Mini-Window GUI for specialized use cases.
  26. Automation Options: GoodSync offers a variety of options to start synchronization tasks, including timer-based or Windows Scheduler triggering, initiation upon file changes, connection of folders, and log off/start with Windows. It also supports auto-mounting network shares, generates logs of actions and changes, and can email automatic sync logs.
  27. Reliability and Robustness: The software incorporates features such as automatic reconnection for remote folders, auto-backup of replaced files, prediction of required free space, and a fast pre-analyze option to enhance reliability and robustness.
  28. Localization Support: GoodSync offers user interface localization, ensuring that the software can accommodate non-Latin characters in file and folder names for seamless data transfer to servers and platforms.

GoodSync Enterprise provides a comprehensive and reliable solution for synchronization and backup, offering a multitude of features that cater to both basic and advanced user needs. Whether you require bi-directional synchronization to keep folders and files identical, one-way synchronization for efficient backup, or need to propagate deletions across a network of devices, GoodSync offers a user-friendly interface with powerful synchronization and automation capabilities. Its support for various protocols, including cloud storage services, FTP servers, and network shares, ensures that it meets the diverse synchronization needs of users. Additionally, its robust algorithm, advanced features, and focus on data integrity make it a reliable choice for maintaining the consistency and integrity of your data across multiple devices and platforms.

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Updated: November 10, 2023 — 11:54 am

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