FreeTube v0.19.1 Beta + Portable [Latest Version]

FreeTube is an open-source desktop YouTube player that prioritizes your online privacy. It offers a seamless and ad-free YouTube experience while preventing Google from tracking your online activities through cookies and JavaScript. FreeTube accomplishes this by utilizing YouTube’s native HTTP API with a set of hardcoded API keys.

FreeTube v0.19.1 Beta + Portable Key Features:

  1. Ad-Free Browsing: Enjoy YouTube content without intrusive ads. FreeTube removes advertisements, allowing for a cleaner viewing experience.
  2. Google-Free Experience: FreeTube doesn’t require a Google account, ensuring you can access YouTube content without being tied to a Google profile. Additionally, it prevents Google from tracking your actions through cookies and JavaScript.
  3. Local Data Storage: Your subscriptions, viewing history, and saved videos are stored locally on your computer. This data is not sent to external servers, enhancing your privacy.
  4. Multimedia Key Support: FreeTube supports multimedia keys, making it easy to control video playback using keyboard shortcuts.
  5. Full YouTube Functionality: While providing privacy, FreeTube still maintains all essential YouTube functions. You can rewind, adjust volume, select video quality, change playback speed, enable subtitles, and switch to full-screen mode.
  6. Subscription Management: Subscribe to your favorite channels without needing a Google account. FreeTube offers an alternative way to stay updated on your preferred content.
  7. User-Friendly Interface: FreeTube features a user-friendly interface, with a search bar at the top and a side panel on the lower left displaying subscriptions, trends, most popular videos, and browsing history. The video list is conveniently located on the right side.
  8. Video Discovery: Discover videos through keyword searches and various filters, making it easy to find content that interests you.
  9. Direct Link Access: Enter direct links to your desired videos for quick access.
  10. Video Sharing: Share videos with others directly from the FreeTube platform.
  11. Profile Creation: Customize your FreeTube experience by creating profiles to separate different interests or user preferences.
  12. Appearance Customization: Tailor the program’s appearance to your liking by choosing from various themes, including light, dark, and black. You can also select primary and secondary color themes.
  13. Proxy Support: FreeTube allows you to work through a proxy, enhancing your privacy options.
  14. Customizable Video Display: Customize what information is displayed while watching videos, such as video views, likes/dislikes, the number of channel subscribers, and more.
  15. Privacy Settings: Control your privacy with options to enable or disable history tracking and save browsing progress.
  16. Import/Export Functionality: Easily manage your subscriptions and browsing history by importing and exporting data. You can also download Internet Download Manager (IDM)

FreeTube empowers you to enjoy YouTube content without sacrificing your online privacy. With its range of features and privacy-focused design, it provides an excellent alternative for those who value security and data protection while browsing their favorite videos.

FreeTube.v0.19.1.Beta.rar – 121.1 MB

Updated: October 30, 2023 — 1:32 pm

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