5 Portable App Creators To Make Any Software Portable

Portable App Creator

it seems sometimes you need some Portable software but can’t find it. to solve this problem we here present some Portable App Creator by which you can easily create your own PortableApps with some few clicks. How does portable app creator work? Portable app creator creates a Portable app with the help of using application virtualization technology. as you know ...

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What is a portable app?

what is portable apps

Before going to define Portable apps we must describe the both term Portable and apps as below. portable -Literally means of Portable is to carried or moved with ease app – it is simply a computer program just like a web browser or Microsoft word. Portable App Definition What does it mean for software to be portable? A portable Program/application (portable app) is a software product developed ...

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11 Best Portable Apps Download in 2018

list of portableapps 2018

Before going forward to list of Best Portable Apps we here introduce you about what is Postable apps actually is..? as its names shows this is an application that is portable and it doesn’t need to be installed. you can use it on your PC via Portable stick like USB devices. this will not make any changes to your computer setting. ...

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