11 Best Portable Apps Download in 2023

Before going forward to list of Best Portable Apps we here introduce you about what is Postable apps actually is..? as its names shows this is an application that is portable and it doesn’t need to be installed. you can use it on your PC via Portable stick like USB devices. this will not make any changes to your computer setting.

Overview of The best portable apps 2023

list of portableappsPortable apps are programs Program which allows its user to use it on PC without go through from complication of the installation process. Just download its folder file and use it on external storages devices like USB stick or SD card, on a networked drive, or a cloud storage service like OneDrive or DropBox. this will not also take too much space on your storages because of its tinny size.

Are portable apps safe?

Yes, PortableApps is safe and most secure application programme that ensure the user that this will not interfere already installed apps.

Portable apps have several advantages: the major benefit of portable apps is that, you can easily switch this program from one PC to another without any changes in PC setting; the second and most important advantage is that this app will not interface any other application installed on your PC; the last and not least benefit is that it can be used on PC or Laptop with restricted user permissions (at work or school, for example).

there are some portable apps you will find which have an installer, but don’t get upset because this just unzips a compressed file archive that can be saved on your desired location on your PC; it will also not changes the setting of your PC.

Some portable apps have an ‘installer’, but don’t worry – this just unzips a compressed file archive and saves the extracted files to a location of your choice; it doesn’t make any changes to your system files. Other portable apps are provided as a regular ZIP file for you to extract yourself.

13 of the Best Portable Apps in 2023

List Of Best Portable Apps For Windows PC

list of portableapps 2018

Portable Apps for Chrome

1. Google Chrome Portable

for Chrome user, we here introduce its Portable chrome version. it works same like windows browser. it links with Gmail account, provides the facility of bookmarks, extension or plugin installation features. it also has got the features of automatic updates and built-in malware protection against unwanted threats. so you can be secure while browsing the internet, checking emails or any other functions you might need to perform.google chrome portable

Portable Apps for Firefox

2. Mozilla Firefox Portable

the Portable version of Firefox performs the function as the same function as its non-portable. PortableApps Mozilla Firefox ensures user’s data including bookmarks and extensions will save. so wherever you move your app all these stuff will go with this portable browser.Mozilla Firefox Portable

Portable Apps for Linux

3. LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) Portable (Media Player)

this is an amazing Music Creation software allows its user to create and produce some awesome beats, mix sounds, and edit and add effects to your samples and multimedia files. as this software was very huge in its size, there was the need for a portable version. developers introduced LMMS Portable as an alternative. as its nonportable version, this also has the great compatibility with many standards like oundFont2, VST(i), LADSPA, GUS Patches, and MIDI.

4. Apache OpenOffice Portable (Office Suite)

Same like Microsoft Office Apache OpenOffice Portable offers its user word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, and more to create and edit data. this office suite is also available for windows. it contains and supports a lot of famous languages like Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. the best thing about this Portable office suite is that it can be used as an alternate of MS office.

5. Stickies Portable (Stickie Notes)

this is one of the best Portable program used to create quick reminder note of your random thought when you working on your PC. Portable stickies enable its user to store the note in form of text or images. with this, you can make the sticky note and attach them with your documents or on your website till you need it. you can minimize it in the case when you don’t need it.

Portable Apps for Mac

6. VLC Media Player Portable (Media Player)

If you want to play multimedia files on your PC, you will need a Media Player to play it. VLC Player is one of the best programs to play multimedia files from any format. its Portable version also available which provide the same function and support as the original version perform. it supports many formats like WMV, MPEG-1, DivX, Ogg, as well as DVDs.Portableapps VLC Player

7. XMind (Mindmapping Tool)

Portable apps XMind is very productive and useful application that offers a variety of helpful productivity and decision-making tools for mind mapping and diagramming. it contains the number of organizational charts, tree charts, and logic charts using which one can perform their task easily.

8. Gimp (Photo Editor)

Portable Gimp is the best alternative to Photoshop. you can make your picture beautiful than before using an impressive array of photo-editing tools of portable Gimp. a lot of users prefer the Portable version of Gimp because nonportable version take a lot of space on hard disk.

9. Inkscape (Vectors Graphic Editor)

if you ever use Adobe illustrator you will find Inkscape identical in function., and is an impressive free alternative. it provides the latest features and equipped with alpha blending, markers, and trace bitmaps, and has a handy interface.

Portable Apps for Windows

10. LibreOffice Portable (Office Suite)

Portable LibreOffice is an office suite same like MS office. it is best alternative Office, offers alot of function and as you will experience in Microsoft office including a word processor, spreadsheets, presentations, vector drawing, and databases. it contains a lot of languages and has a great support. you can create the document in any language.

11. CCleaner Portable (Software Cleaner)

sometimes you experience that your system goes slow down and not work properly. this happens because of extra files running behind the scene, or virus that may cause all of this. to avoid these problems you need to have software that clean all these extra files or virus. Portable Ccleaner may be the best choice in this context. it cleans up your files and ensures its user that your system is protected from all type of virus and unwanted threats.Mozilla Firefox Portable Above mention, all are best Portable apps among other application. you can get them from Portableapps.com with the direct link.

Disclaimer – we do not Provide any crack, patches, serial numbers or keygen for any PortableAppssoftware.

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