AlfaReader Portable [Latest Version]

Download AlfaReader Portable free from It is a full offline installer setup and compatible with 32 and 64-bit.

AlfaReader Portable Overview

AlfaReader is a lightweight and high-speed ebook reader that offers an exceptional reading experience across a diverse range of content. Tailored for various genres such as fiction books, magazines, student textbooks, medical, scientific, technical books, and illustrated books for kids, AlfaReader stands out as an ideal choice for avid readers. You can also download PDF Extra Premium Portable

AlfaReader Portable for pc

Key Features:

  1. Format Compatibility:
    • AlfaReader supports a wide array of ebook formats, including PDF, EPUB, MOBI, FB2, CBZ, DJVU, and TXT. This versatility ensures users can access and enjoy a vast library of digital content.
  2. Customizable Reading Experience:
    • Users have the flexibility to choose from multiple e-reading templates, allowing for a personalized and comfortable reading experience. The ability to zoom in on pages and adjust font size further enhances customization.
  3. Automatic Bookmarking:
    • AlfaReader intelligently saves bookmarks, window size, and reading templates for each book, ensuring a seamless continuation of reading sessions. This feature enhances user convenience and provides a hassle-free experience.
  4. Effortless Navigation:
    • Easily navigate through ebooks using the table of contents, mouse, or convenient hot-keys. AlfaReader streamlines the process of turning pages, providing a user-friendly interface for efficient reading.
  5. Audio-Book Support:
    • In addition to reading, AlfaReader caters to audiobook enthusiasts, allowing users to listen to their favorite audio-books within the same application.
  6. Virtual Bookshelf:
    • Create a visually appealing virtual bookshelf that organizes and displays your collection, providing a delightful and organized reading environment.
  7. OPDS Catalog Integration:
    • AlfaReader facilitates the downloading of books from OPDS catalogs, expanding users’ access to an extensive range of digital publications.
  8. Desktop Reading:
    • Read your favorite books and magazines directly on your desktop, providing a seamless and immersive reading experience without the need for additional devices.
  9. Additional Features:
    • AlfaReader offers an array of additional features to enhance the overall reading experience. Explore these features to discover a wealth of options, making your reading sessions even more enjoyable.

AlfaReader is not just a reading tool; it’s a comprehensive platform designed to cater to the diverse needs of readers. Whether you’re into fiction, textbooks, or audiobooks, AlfaReader provides a lightweight and efficient solution, creating a captivating virtual reading environment for users of all preferences.


AlfaReader Portable (15 MB)

Updated: January 21, 2024 — 9:59 am

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