AdsFix Free Download for Windows 11,10 PC

Download AdsFix Free Download portable from It is a full offline installer setup and compatible with 32 and 64-bit. It is a 100% safe and secure app, specially designed to save time by deleting all common used for removal tools used after removing a virus or malware.

AdsFix Free Download

AdsFix is an advanced tool meticulously crafted to disinfect shortcuts that have fallen prey to notorious browser hijackers like certified-search-toolbar, 22Find, awesome, nation-zoom, and others. Tailored for seasoned users, AdsFix goes beyond shortcut restoration, offering a range of functionalities for handling adware, browser infections, and more. Download AnyMP4 4K Converter.

Key Features

  1. Shortcut Disinfection:
    • AdsFix specializes in the disinfection of shortcuts compromised by notorious browser hijackers, restoring the integrity of your system’s shortcuts.
  2. Adware and Browser Infection Removal:
    • This advanced tool goes a step further by targeting and removing adware, hijackers, and browser infections that may have infiltrated your system.
  3. File and Folder Deletion:
    • AdsFix empowers users to delete specific files and folders, providing a comprehensive solution for removing unwanted elements from the system.
  4. Registry Exception Handling:
    • The tool is equipped to handle registry exceptions in Windows Firewall, contributing to a secure and controlled computing environment.
  5. Browser Homepage Reset:
    • Users can leverage AdsFix to reset their browsers’ homepages, undo changes made by unwanted software, and restore preferred browser settings.
  6. Advanced User Requirements:
    • AdsFix issues a fair warning that it is exclusively designed for advanced users. Users are required to install a security certificate, run the tool as an administrator, and disable Windows Defender. This advanced setup ensures a secure and efficient operation but demands a thorough understanding of computer systems.
  7. Time-Consuming Process:
    • Given its advanced functionalities, AdsFix may take up to 30 minutes to complete its processes, particularly on high-end machines. Users should be prepared for a time-consuming but thorough disinfection process.
  8. Closing and Exit Mechanism:
    • Users are cautioned that AdsFix may not stop scanning simply by closing the program with the X in the corner or using the Exit button. This information ensures users are aware of the tool’s behavior and can manage it effectively.

AdsFix, with its specialized focus on shortcut disinfection and broader capabilities in handling adware and browser infections, is a potent tool for advanced users seeking to restore and fortify their systems. While it demands a certain level of technical proficiency, it offers a robust solution for dealing with persistent browser hijackers and related issues. Users are advised to exercise caution and adhere to the specified requirements for a seamless and effective operation.

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Updated: February 6, 2024 — 7:20 pm

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